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-48watts lamp

-Tool Box

-3 "Nothing A File Can't Fix"  (100/100 square, 100/100 Half Moon, 150/150 Half Moon)

-2 Buff & Erase  (100/180)

-Nail Tip Cutter

-Nail Foil Gel

-Brush Nail Glue

-Bonding Primer 

-Cuticle Hydrator (cuticle oil)

-Finish Gel (top coat gloss)

-4oz Monomer

-2oz Clear Acrylic 

- .05oz Desert Peach

-2oz   3 in 1 Brush Cleaner 

-4 Surprise Foil Sheets

-Practice Finger 

-2 Damping Dish 

-#10 Kolisky Acrylic Brush

-Metal Cuticle Pusher

-Debri Brush

-Nail Tips 3 IN 1 Stilleto (stiletto, ballerina, coffin)


Acrylic Starter kit #1

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